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transforming your photos into works of art could not be easier.
simply email or upload your original image once you have chosen a style.

hang me art offers a range of different backgrounds and text options to further enhance your art so please contact our experienced team to discuss your requirements today.

during the production process you will receive an electronic proof/preview to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the final image before proceeding to print. if you would like to make any changes upon receipt of your designs, please do let us know and we will action these as a matter of priority.

the finished article is then scheduled to arrive on your doorstep within 10 working days from proof approval.

turn photos into arthang me art – the 8 step process

choose your design
select your size
add your words
approve digital proof
make payment
print your art
finish, package and despatch
enjoy your art

converting photos

our talented team are true artists in every sense of the word and their dedication and attention to detail is worthy of mention. depending on the style, some work can take hours if not days to complete so do not be fooled by cheap immitation applications that propose to create similar pop art effects from your photos or images – this is the real deal. all artwork is produced in high definition which means the resolution is crisp, images are sharp and therefore ideal for quality printing. unfortunately there are no easy shortcuts with creating eye-catching personalised art. the problem with ‘online converters’ is that they generally fail to produce an image that is 300dpi (dots per inch) so that the end result appears pixelated, low resolution and the final printed version will always disappoint. with over 10 years in the print industry you can rest assure that we know what we are doing and do it well.


hang me art is proudly south australian and all original artwork is created locally in adelaide. whilst we do not have a physical retail presence we are keen to attract attention and welcome wholesale enquires. in addition to converting photos to art we also have an ever growing catalogue of personalised art which you can view in the ‘your typography’ section of our online store. here you will find a range of designs to choose from which represent unique gift ideas to mark special events in your life or to simply convey to that certain someone that they are truely special. our abstract art is is a celebration of vibrant colour which will enhance any room and is available is a range of different sizes and print options. because our artwork is made to order, you can stipulate what best suits you including particular colour preferances, backgrounds, text etc as these can all be incorporated in making your unique piece of art – at the end of the day we want to exceed customer expectations and look forward to involving the customer as much as possible in the creative process.


we get a real kick out of tailoring artwork around your specific needs – what we call personalisation. art can be drawn from every aspect about you and not just by the way you appear in your photos. we convey all things about you by words and by images and this is referred to as typography. in deciding what sort of artwork you might like you need to consider all aspects about you, your geneology, your physical self, your likes, your dislikes, sporting interests, leisure activities, profession – practically anything that makes you you. more specifically we focus on such things as your name, places you’ve lived or other memorable places, hobbies, taste in music, special dates in your life, family and friends, how you like your coffee, favourite football team and so so much more. if you stop and ask yourself, ‘what’s so special about me?’ come and have a chat with us and we might just open your eyes.